The grant fund for urban initiatives
The fund opens in summer 2015
About the fund
The fund will discover and support creative initiatives that focus on shaping the urban culture of Tatarstan. To qualify for a grant, projects and ideas should meet three simple criteria:
Using novel approaches and know-hows rather than costly materials or sophisticated technology.
Scale and inclusivity
Addressing the needs of the general public, not just the author or small target groups.
Engaging the general public of Tatarstan in local cultural and urban activities.
The fund is based in Kazan and supported by the President of Tatarstan.
How to apply
Applications will be submitted online. The grant award will be proportional to the scope and importance of the project. The applicant's commitment to share costs will also count.

Eligible will be projects focusing on such aspects of urban life as education, entertainment, design, media etc. Smaller projects with measurable impact will be a priority.

Relatively simple or low-budget projects, e.g. publications in media, may apply for nanogrants of less than 100 euro. Processing such an application will take less than two days upon which the funds will be transferred to a successful applicant's account.
Selection criteria
The application process implies answering several questions about the project and its author. In multiple choice questions, each option implies a different number of points. The decision depends on the overall score. Projects seeking nanogrants skip the point-based procedure.

The overall score is calculated automatically. The members of the panel shall neither influence the result nor approve a project that has an insufficient score. A project with a sufficient score may still be rejected if the panel suspects a fraud.
Estimating chances
Project teams with successful previous experience in the same field will be the likeliest to get funded. Co-investing in a project is another way to boost chances. An applicant should also explain how many people might benefit from the project and why the project might be important for Tatarstan and its citizens.
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